Environmental Statement

Allander Print Ltd commits to achieving the highest standards with regards to environmental matters arising out of our activities. It is the intention of Allander Print Ltd to be at the forefront of our industry. An integral element of this sensitivity to environmental issues is that it may affect not only our employees but also our neighbours.

The Company is Committed in ensuring continued compliance with all relevant Environmental Legislation, Regulations, Codes of Practice and other Standards to which the Company subscribes.

When determining priorities for the allocation of resources, Environmental Objectives shall be given equal consideration with all other Objectives.

All Managers and employees have duties and responsibilities under this Policy and, in order to ensure that these are met, regular reviews of environmental performance will be carried out.

Aims of the Policy

Allander Print Ltd recognises that protection of the environment requires industrial activity to be conducted in a sustainable manner. Allander Print Ltd is fully committed to best environmental practice and takes responsibility for its own environmental performance.

Allander Print Ltd has acknowledged these responsibilities by publishing a Health and Safety and Environmental Policy. Our site is committed to implementing the actions stated in this Policy. In order to achieve this Objective, Allander Print Ltd is:

Establishing Health and Safety and Environmental Policies for which Management has ultimate responsibility and which forms part of Allander Print Ltd’s business plans.

Developing a comprehensive Environmental Management System (EMS), which ensures compliance with all relevant Environmental Legislation, Regulations, Codes of Practice and any other Standard to which the Company subscribes. Allander Print Ltd is also committed to the prevention of pollution. The Environmental Management System will evaluate Allander Print Ltd’s Environmental Impacts resulting in the setting of clear objectives with the aim of establishing continual improvement in environmental performance. Allander Print Ltd’s overall performanoe will be monitored by regular Audits and Annual Reviews.

Intent on integrating Environmental Management with Health and Safety Management at Allander Print Ltd.

Environmental Practices

The Environmental Management System will develop over time so that all key issues pertinent to the site will he addressed. Initially, the EMS will pay close attention to the following policy objectives


  • Minimise the environmental impacts of our existing processes/activities and ensure that the implications of new processes are fully assessed prior to their introduction.
  • Effectively manage and control our authorised processes
  • Dispose of waste and effluents in a responsible and safe manner
  • Reduce the likelihood of environmental accidents and incidents through the use of risk assessments and action planning
  • Promote ownership and control of environmental issues at business level
  • Provide the necessary training and support in order to ensure that the site can fulfill the requirements outlined in this policy
  • Introduce programmes that aim to minimise waste
  • Minimise energy use through effective energy management.